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Question - leveling guide (1 Viewer)

Jul 23, 2021
ok so starting a new box crew on the test server gonna do /testbuff to start at 25 what's a good leveling guide I just came out of mischief so I know a lot of the classic zones but was wondering if later expansions had better zones and wanted to know where people level their characters
Jun 27, 2020
Since you're going to test buff the beginning of this wont be relevant, but I'm including for those who need it.

This has been my path for leveling single characters quickly for years. Generally this was 1 character and a J1 tank merc, which are super OP into the 50's or so. The beginning levels stay close so you can get through the first 30 levels that just fly by without running all over the place. - This path holds up well for a group of boxed chars, but the levels might need slight tweaking. I started using RG after my knowledge of the game was extensive and my ability to PL was even greater, so new groups on live generally don't experience much of the lower levels.

1-10 - Tutorial - Leave with a decent set of defiant level gear
Alternate - You can just start in CR newbie yard if you want to skip tutorial entirely.

10-18 - Crescent Reach newbie yard - Mobs get higher the further north you go until the undead. Gear drops from trash several plat each.

18-22 - Rats and Snakes in Blightfire Moors at CR zoneline/PoK Book.

22-32 - Mushrooms by the dragon corpse in Blightfire Moors - Dragoneater used to be his own placeholder and nets 50+ plat per kill with nearby vendors. He still pops pretty often. More than enough to cover spell costs for awhile. These can spawn pretty deep red at 22, so without OP tank merc, perhaps hold off a few levels before coming over here.

- Add in - 32-36 - Probably worth adding the undead in northwest of Blightfire Moors here as CoM at 32 can be rough, but again, J1 tank mercs pretty OP.

32-45 - City of Mist - Again, generally the further north you go, the higher level the mobs

?-65/71 - The Hole - You can grind in the hole for a very long time.

65-75 - Splitpaw - Mages and Druids rejoice, use those anti-summoned nukes. - 1 char 1 tank merc really slows down here.

**--This is generally the end of the 1 character and 1 tank merc section of the path - This being RG, that's not as relevant, just worth a note. If I wasn't PLing toons, this is the part where I would generally just DS PL to finish it off to whatever level was needed to group with end game at the time--**

75-100 - You can start doing CotF era Heroic Adventures at 75. Gribble (Dead Hills) and Marla (ETWK) have the easiest ones to start with. Expansion currency for everyone to replace gear.
Alternative - Gyrospire Zeka is a great grind zone into the 80's (get those anti-summoned nukes out again)
Then HoT zones/quests open up. HoT mission exp was nerfed at launch of VoA, but it's still pretty good. Sanctum Somnium center carpet is a great grinding spot around 90.
From here on I don't recommend alternate routes for lower/mid 90's to around 100. The HA's are probably the way to go.

Around 100-105 - TBM era HA's - Expansion currency for everyone to replace gear and buy up the first heroic stat inflation type 5 augs.

105-110 - Grinding EoK and RoS zones is likely the way to go. (Basically any EoK zone is viable but Frontier Mountain and RoS Sathir's Tomb are particularly popular)

110 -115 - The massive experience bonus for first time completion of ToV achievements is hard to beat and will take you the entire way.
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Jul 4, 2020
ok so starting a new box crew on the test server gonna do /testbuff to start at 25 what's a good leveling guide I just came out of mischief so I know a lot of the classic zones but was wondering if later expansions had better zones and wanted to know where people level their characters
So if you don’t mind taking slowly with a few challenges along the way follow the Hero’s Journey. EQ icon > character > achievements > Hero’s Journey. Or /ach in game. This path follows the guidance some have already stated. Crescent Reach, Blightfire Moors, Gorukar Mesa, etc. It mostly keeps you in The Serpents Spine expansion through your 70s. The good part about doing this route is that the quests give you gear equivalent to defiant (visible and non visible slots). There are a few spots of frustration but I’m happy I took my crew though it for the experience,

good luck!
Aug 12, 2018
I never really liked the old zones like the hole, com etc for leveling so I use the daily's from Franklin Teek and some other out of the box places.

At Franklin get two or three near your level at one time that he will hand out to you since if you only get one then you are locked out till the next day. Usually start with the highest one and go do the kill 5 and hope for the hot zone aug to drop. If it doesn't I just stick around and kill more since you still get the bonus exp - just no more task finishing bonus and it will eventually drop - even after it is no longer listed as a hot zone those augs will still drop and most of them are pretty nice.

While there I also check Allah under that zone and then the tabs for quests listed and see if there are any cool items I want and go do those quests. Keep in mind that quests also give exp or weapons etc.

Then I switch out with LDON's since those are pretty good exp but no one does them anymore. Some good forages in there you can pick up also. It only takes about 10 minutes to do the Adventure Stone quest so your stone levels up as you do more dungeons.

A little higher I go to Dranick's Scar and do the Dranick's Hollows instances. These are great because you can camp the named, there are some fairly easy camps and good drops.

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