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Leveling 1-20 Qeynos/Antonica Style (1 Viewer)


Dec 27, 2004
Leveling up through EverQuest 2 is fun, it helps to know where to go. This is a brief guide for what's hot for the Qeynos factions in levels 1-20. We will also be putting one out for the Freeport/Commonlands (coming soon!)

1-10 - Hopping around the town.
I suggest doing the citizenship quests, and the quests in your hometown. This will get you through the lower levels without a hitch, and you will level much faster than if you were to just grind in a newbie zone someplace. Your citizenship quest will get you to about level 8 or so. I can't recommend enough, the value in exploring. It's going to help you to get to know your city, and this will be a huge timesaver in the long-run. When you walk into the next part of the city, chances are you will run into one of the people that you needed to talk to… not to mention, you gain experience just for stumbling upon various points of interest within the city. Be sure to check out Nettleville Hovel and talk to Verth to get the quest Verth's delivery. You can do this quest one of two ways. You can go to Aves at the docks, and then head over to Knight-Captain and turn the smugglers in… you will get 44c and an 8 slot bag. Or go to the smugglers, and get a different reward.

10-20 Antonica!

10-14: Right out in front of the gates. There are plenty of rats and snakes and beetles. Go get the Civil Service quest from Knight-Lieutenant Alesso in North Qeynos by the castle doors to kill 10 snakes, 10 rats, and 10 beetles in Antonica. This Quest is also repeatable, and it gives 3s each time.If you've explored the city, you should have some quests for killing some of the creatures out here. Gnolls, Bears, Glade Deer, and Badgers over by the Qeynos Claymore should give plenty of exp, and there are some quests from the NPCs standing near there, and they will provide you with some items and some silver.

16-18: Archer's Wood Antonica stags are a good fight and they give nice exp. Be careful at night though, as the wardens turn into nasty timberclaw gnolls!
14-18: Vermin's Snye has pretty good xp and loot as well as access quests.
14-19: BlackBurrow. Bring a group. Located right off of the Steppes Station landing pad. The home of the gnolls is a great place for questing and exping. It is also the location for part of your level 20 armor quests.
14-19: Bring a group. Stormhold (Near the Steppes Griffin Tower holds some interesting quests, as well as great exp and loot. This is also part 3 of your level 20 armor quests.
15-20: Great for soloing, is The Oracle Tower There will be plenty of gnolls and lizards and snakes galore! Plus, this is one of the best places to work on your gathering, lumbering, mining, and fishing.
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Apr 7, 2005
Pls Can U Help Me Im Tryin To Find The Assassin Who Is Holed Up Somewhere In Qeynos Harbour On The Scout Hallmark Quest.


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Jan 6, 2006
As soon as you go through the main entrance to the harbor..the assasins are in a building to you right.

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