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Question - Level 55 Checkup - What should I be working on? (1 Viewer)

Jan 12, 2023
My team has hit mid 50s and I'm wondering what I should be working on..

I play on Project Laz, and have gotten the team the level 2 Project Laz gear. Worked my way through most of the reqs for the level 3 gear but the level 60 bosses are kick my ass. Same is true for trying Epic 1.0 stuff. I can start them fine, but when I get to the level 60 guys, I get rocked...

Should I just keep grinding the team up? Any gear I should be looking at? Any good XP spots you would recommend?

Also, what's a good spot to make some plat for the bot team at this level?

As always. thanks for the help! Being new to EQ, your insights are always appreciated!

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