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Question - Level 2


New member
How to get level 2 when only have access to 5 forum threads? im trying to test this out to know whether I want to pay for this or continue my sub with the other guys site
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da Man

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this is easier than the other guys site, if that helps make ur mind up, its cheaper too i think
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i am new to RG too, but what i can tell ( and correct me if im wrong) but you can either pay for level 2 or you can go to level 1 forums and give good friendly advice to people who have questions and maybe some nice people will give you "thanks" which will earn you red cents which can buy you level 2 for free.


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@Chillionaire I'm giving you an additional month because I'm out of "Thanks" for the day and your post is spot on for a new guy to have posted before any Veteran members said it!