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Question - Launcher shows character playing when they are not (1 Viewer)

Jul 26, 2016
Anyone have experience with this? Starting up a group of toons and when I que one account it shows on the launcher it is already playing, when I know they are not. I go to task manager and it shows also they are not. I close out the launcher and open a new one and it still shows they are playing?


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Aug 7, 2019
Yea sometime when I launch my baz mules through the launcher that happens. Only way to get around it for me was either restart or use inner space to launch a client instead of launcher.
Mar 2, 2019
I have noticed this occurring when launching multiple toons from the same directory, the EQ program gets confused, Contacting TheyBreak will result in a "Try logging out and logging back in to clear it" answer . .
Another reason I choose to run multiple directories, I dont have to log out a boatload of toons, just the ones from that directory that are running.
Jan 31, 2014
I have had this happen when someone gets wonky with a toon and it crashed out. For example last week apparently one of my EW files got corrupted. I was running alts to the Mines and when they get EW they crashed out. MQ2 showed them still ingame, and refused to reload them. It would load a different toon on the same account, which I could then stop the process and manually go to correct toon (or switch after ingame)

The crashed out toon persists until rebooting the PC, even if stopping and starting MQ. The RG downloader will find MQ2 running in the background if I have a crashed out toon and have not rebooted as well.

I have not had toons stall out loading since they spaced the autoloadon timing though.

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