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Question - Kissassist (1 Viewer)

May 1, 2017
I am useing 5 toons and still learning how would I tell from my tank to all others to kissassist me? instead of having to run that on each toon?
Apr 1, 2020
That is one way to do it but you need to set the role in the group window for tank or main assist before running it. I use a Hotkey to do mine. The setup is like this:

HotKey Name : Group KA <----------You can change this to whatever you like
Line 1: /pause 10, /bcga //mqp on <---------This will put everyone in the group on pause so no one interrupts and misses the next steps.
Line 2: /pause 10, /bcga //target NameOfYourTank <----------This will have the group target the tank.
Line 3: /pause 5, /bcg //mac KissAssist assist <----------This will have group members run KA with the tank targeted.
Line 4: /pause 5, /mac KissAssist Tank <------------This is to run KA on your tank. You can also use PullerTank here as well.
Line 5: /bcg //dance <----------This lets me know that everyone has done what I wanted them to do. (have group to where you can see them)

Note 1: You can put this Hotkey on all characters that you might want to Play. This will then let you switch who is the tank or MA. This will also take care of adding a new or different character to the group. Just hit the Hotkey and everyone is up and running.

Note 2: I use the pause for server lag so the group does not miss one of the steps. It also helps with some characters that might want to cast something or forage at this time.

Note 3: I use the NameOfYourTank in stead of the ${Group.MainAssist} or ${Group.MainTank} since most of the time I run with the same group of characters and this stops the ("I forgot to set the role in the group window") and the (smacks the head should have had a V8) move.

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