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IRL - Just Returning to EQ - could use some helpful advice in Setting up my crew (1 Viewer)


Jun 18, 2022
Title pretty much says it all

I am returning to EQ after a break but i find it nearly impossible to find groups, i have a 3box team right now and i very much want to streamline what i am doing so i can accuially play and not sit around LFG for hours begging for help

i read some of the forums, watched some of the videos, there are a bunch of options and id like some advice

What do you think is the best software options for running 3-5 toons (One grp) on a single PC? and - how much will it be?

any and all help/advice is appreciated!


May 5, 2016
You can get a PC that run 6 for 100-200 bucks pretty easily.

You don't need much, especially these days with MQ and frame limiter.

Shoot for 1 gif ram per instance you want to run as a generic baseline and gtg
Aug 19, 2020

If you mean what tools, there is a a few (CWTN brand, RGMerc, XGEN, KA, Entropy, ModBot), all with various level of automation/personal control over the play style.
CWTN is easiest out the box and go. Limited classes currently released, so would have to look at that ($20 each, per year. licence works by account, so 2 zerkers, $20.. 6 zerkers.. still just 20).

RGMercs supports all classes, and is an excellent "included with level 2" option. Does have a little more configuration, but can be up and running in no time.

XGEN is a great option for lvl.. 85?+ char. I have used it/use it for various scenarios. Not alot of user customization, since it is DB driven.

KA is hugely popular, you can think of it like a MP3 player.. it just sits there, the .ini's you load into it (can make, or check out the user uploaded ones here) actually drive how it operates. This is an excellent option if you know the class, or like to do things your way. Downside is, you either make or DL a .ini every 5 levels, and if youd doing it for 6 char, that can get time consuming.

Entropy is mostly used by people for for all class raid scripting, and maintain there own "flavor/design". Not saying you cant use it for a 6 man, but it might be alot of effort compared to other options

ModBot.. no data.

Hope this helps at least a little, and WB again.

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