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IRL - Just coming back (1 Viewer)

Sep 24, 2016
Whats the best to play Live or TLP I havent played in 4 years so id be pretty behind, would it take awhile to catch up or is the population just better on TLP and start over? Whats your thoughts
Dec 1, 2019
Completely depends on what you're looking for, they're pretty different experiences at this point. That said, if you do want to experience a TLP that allows boxing, Rizlona is the first in a long time and is just into Scars of Velious so it's a good time for that if you're looking.
Oct 5, 2012
TLP is the best for just returning. Rizlona was sick at launch. The magic kinda fades as time goes on (in my experience), but it's still super fun.
There was a RG guild on Rizlona you could look in to if you were interested. Live EQ is a bit overwhelming to jump right into. It was super fun and all the plugins/ ini files and other good stuff here are built for Live almost exclusively.

I am a fan of EMU servers and try to make macros for them, RG also supports RoF2 EMU servers along with Test.
Welcome back Timboslice!
Jul 8, 2020
Wont take much to catch up. now 10+ years u might have to work a bit. but 4yrs would be easy. if u liked your old toons then start them back up. if you where indifferent then pop onto a TLP. can always go back to live if you didnt like it. Ive tried 3 dif TLPs and didnt care for it so i stay live
Aug 12, 2018
Whereas I feel going on a live server to start with and running thru the tutorial in Gloomingdeep and the continuation of it with the lady in POK will give you a good foundation of how the game is played now days.

Then you can move on to a TLP server. TLP are paid servers and this way you would have a time to get ready free.

Oh, my bad. I overlooked the part where you have been gone just 4 years.

Not much has changed. It would not be that hard to catch up. And you really have to experience TLP to decide if they are for you. They were not for me.

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