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Toast - Just a shout out to Morisato and the Team behind RG Mercs aswell as the other devs. (1 Viewer)

Mar 26, 2016
As the title suggests, Just want to give a Toast and shout out to all the devs here at Red guides, but in particular I had a great exchange with Morisato recently on discord and I just felt they and their team needed a solid shout out.

If you haven't used RG mercs yet, I highly recommend it.

As someone who started with KA, moved slowly into the CWTN plugins (which if you can afford, you WONT be disappointed). I found that I was looking for supplementary automation on my toons that I didn't have the plugins for, and I didn't have to keep updating my ini's for. In Comes IHC (back in the day) Now RG Mercs.

Out of the box, ai controlled toons that work exactly as described, like you hired a merc but of any class you wanted. Its wonderful. and with the new inclusion of the MQ2Boxr plugin, controlling across "botting software" has never been easier.

Lets give a shout out to Morisato and his team for making a free, well working, and solid product for us to utilize to enhance our game. And lets not let it stop there, Shout outs to all the devs who put in time, labor, and their expertise into their products that they just let us use.

Thank you Devs at RedGuides. Thank you Morisato. And thanks to the wonderful community that inspires these wonderful people to keep making cool new stuff for us.


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