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Question - Is there a list of all Zone.ID? (1 Viewer)

Oct 10, 2022
Can I ask what your use case for this is? (Why do you need a list of all zones with their ID?)

Custom lua scripts to assemble and move my group. I opted to use zone.id in lua scripts to validate I am in fact where I am supposed to be before kicking off the next steps of a script.

This is a snippet a larger script that creates my group, assigns roles, gathers the team in the guild hall if they are not already there. I wanted to lookup the zone.id without manually travelling there and running a command, zone by zone. Unfortunately for me, the same zone.id is used for all static and dynamic instances of the zone. May be better to edit the Zone short name wiki page to include the Zone ID too.

I need to do some more digging to be able to tell the different between when I an in static Shadowhaven, versus finished zoning into the mission "When One Door Closes" which also uses the same zone.id.

if all_double_invis() and mq.TLO.Zone.ID() == 737 then
        print('\agOn our way to Shadow Haven')
        mq.cmd('/dgga /gc shadowhaven')
        print('\arSomething wrong.')
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Apr 9, 2008
3 numbers vs up to 20 letters?
Thanks for you answer but that isn’t a benefit. Saving a couple keystrokes has no material benefit in this context.

474 is less meaningful than “zonename” to any body who has to read or write the code.

Only way I could see zone id useful is if you have a table of zone name constants which give you those IDs but at that point you might as well just use the name.

Edit: some zones that have instanced versions have random zone ids sometimes
Nov 23, 2019
Has something changed with zone short names? I use the resupply.lua script to shop in PoK. Since the beginning the zone short name in the config file for PoK has been "PoKnowledge", and the script has been working fine.

Today, I tried a shopping run and the lua ended immediately. I tracked it down to the zone short name search, and the line
if mq.TLO.Zone.ShortName() == zone then

Turns out, per the list, the correct short name for PoK is "poknowledge" but the script was looking for "PoKnowledge".

I know for a fact this was working previously. I wouldn't think that the zone names have changed, but the only other option is that the Lua default for string compare was not always case-sensitive or something.


Jun 28, 2014
I've noticed this before with PoKnowledge, I don't remember what the cause is. But generally when I'm doing string compares, I do them case insensitive anyway. For sure, Lua hasn't changed in that regard.

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