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Question - Is there a library of hotkey loadouts? (1 Viewer)

Sep 25, 2017
We have a nice library here of inis and macros, but I was wondering if there exists a repository of action bar loadouts people share for their classes, especially for people making an alt and don't know the class that well yet. Does such a thing exist?
Jul 22, 2018
I google search guides outside of redguides written from the perspective of a non-boxer/non-mq2'er. There is plenty of information out there from the larger EQ community that I haven't had any trouble finding what I need to know for a brand new class I've never touched before. It will require you to manually create social keys.


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Nov 11, 2019
Online guides are about all I have found for myself and what I tend to go to for getting a new class down. It also helps me fine tune some of the Ini's that we have in the library. Whiile the Ini's are awesome i feel some of them could use a bit of work to make em a bit better. So i use a combo of the Ini library and the guides i can find online
Apr 9, 2018
You can see some examples. i put here, but if your looking for other examples just ask. Give the class name and ask for tips. quote me and i can help you my self. I Played 3 toons with nothing but 5 line maces, hotkeys, and special key bindings for years. Bard, mage, cleric, and monk.

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