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Question - Is Level 70 Plus the Start of EQ EXP Grind? (1 Viewer)

Dec 3, 2018
Hello Everyone,

I have returned after a couple years break from EQ and decided to go fresh with 6 F2P characters (WAR,CLR,ENC,MAG,MAG,DRU) on the FV Server. I have been having a blast getting reacquainted with all the nice things MacroQuest has to offer. Levels 1-10 I used a tutorial.mac with some character adjustments to get through it. Levels 10-20 I went through Crescent Reach and started to learn RGMercs. Levels 20-30 I went next door to Blightfire Moors and tried a few scribe macros in POK along the way. Levels 30-45 I blasted through some HOT zones making in game adjustments with RGMercs. Levels 45-60 I explored Velketor's Labyrinth and managed to meet other players in the outer castle (love the music btw!) 60-70 was either hot zones or PoP.

Levels 70-75 is where I start going crazy with the exp grind. Killing level 68ish stuff rewarded me around 0.3% each kill. Anything level 70+ took considerable more time or resources or both causing longer breaks just to earn around 0.7% each kill. Even the HOT zones had a similar exp rate.

If anyone can remember could you please share your experiences leveling 70-75 on Live Servers. Did you find someone to help power level your characters? Did you have a similar exp gain experience? I think level 75 onwards will be more bearable with Heroic Adventures but this last stretch has been driving me insane.

Thank you for your input!


Jul 14, 2016
I don't know about you, but I always enjoyed doing the progression through SoD, and doing the questlines will reward you with consigned gear, which is not to be scoffed at (at those levels).. That is in the 65-80ish range, and with a full team, you should be capable there.

When I hit 80ish, I'll move to HoT and do those zones, also stuff I enjoy doing..

Because the xp rate slows down if you're not PLVL'ing, you may as well find some content that you enjoy... No sense making it feel like a chore!

That's what I've been doing since my return to EQ last month.. You may even see me on FV with my new team!

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Aug 12, 2018
Totally agree with LorDeth on the SOD and I really liked the Oceangreen Hills grind. It was very rewarding so you kind overlooks how long it all was.

There is a little rotation you can do at the "Farm" This is in Dragoscale Hills and you get the 3 quests from Sigglik which are Farm clean up - Crows & Doombugs & Scarecrows. The you set up at the edge of the field and go at it. Once one of your team as collected the kills have them run back to Sigglik who is right up the hill and get the same quest again. Rinse repeat until you throw up.

There is also a simple kill 10 minotaur quest in the same zone that gets you good exp and a bonus of an illusion called Mask of the Mighty Minotaur

I might be a little low on exp vs level but they are worth a shot
Dec 3, 2018
Thanks for sharing your experiences! I agree next time it would be better to focus on quests and armor progression rather than watching the exp per kill get lower and lower. I'm finally 75 and starting the heroic adventures to gear up my characters and hopefully make my leveling experience more enjoyable. If I ever do this on another server, however, I'll remember Oceangreen Hills and Dragonscale Hill quests!

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