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Question - Innoruuk's Dark Blessing (SK epic) as buff rotation in grp (1 Viewer)

Nov 28, 2020
Hi all, my first post here.

I am playing with the idea of having Innoruuk's Dark Blessing as a buff rotation, in a group with multiple SKs (3). Thus giving 'perma' SK buff on sk and grp.

The idea is as follows:
SK1 Clicks Epic
Epic1 fades
SK2 Clicks Epic
Epic2 fades
SK3 Clicks Epic
Epic3 fades.
SK1 clicks Epic etc..

Would something like this work? And is there a way to offset the delay so SK2 and SK3 dont fire the Epic out of turn?

Buffs1=Innoruuk's Dark Blessing|cond1 SK epic
BuffsCond1=${Me.ItemReady[Innoruuk's Dark Blessing]} && !${Me.Buff[Lich Sting].ID} SK epic is ready and No SK epic buff in window

Any input would be much appreaciated. P


May 5, 2016
I'm assuming this is for kiss? I'd move it to the kiss section but you don't appear to be lvl 2 so you wouldn't be able to see the results.

you're probably wanting to do this in combat, so you wouldn't use buffs, and you probably want to get fancy and use dannet to check the state of the other sks otherwise all 3 sks could potentially be like "my epic is ready and i don't have the buff let's click" at the same time.
Nov 28, 2020
Thanks for the reply. Yes, it would be for kiss/ini file. I used to have access to lvl 2 and was sitting at work looking at some old ini files for kiss.

Also using eqbc, would it be possible to create a macro with Sk1 /with conditions above in a multiline, then a /bct sk2 with a delay x and finally a /bct sk3 with delay y, and conditions? Firing off the macro in combat should (in theory) then rotate the SK epic.


I <3 SKs *kissy face*
Jun 16, 2019
This is an interesting idea. You could have 5 sks and 1 CLR in a group. You could keep the epic or the epic recourse up 100% of the time. Or, you could add one warrior and get similar results.
Mar 28, 2015
Could also stagger the trigger percentage on mobs in the dps section and have a if buff is not on condition. You may not end up with perfect coverage but would get you close. It’s how I dealt with staggering bst synergy and alliance when I was running a 4 bst grp in the past

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