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Question - INI Files (1 Viewer)

Dec 3, 2019
Ok so since this is all new to me and I have watched several videos my question is: If I use 10 Rogue for instance and then take a ini file that is set up for a rogue so if I copy the stuff from the ini file here to my ini file and save it and go into a group with my other alts wi;; that start the process of automatically cause hate and discontent. I relize I have to have the tomes and AA's up for what ever it has listed. Also do I have to type in /mac kissassist and /end before battle or is it a one time thing


May 5, 2016
imgreg is correct - basically any time you want to run a macro you do /mac macroname (like /mac kissassist or /mac pocketfarm for exmaple).

when you want to end that macro you can do /end

As far as the .ini goes - kiss will automatically make you a blank ini for your toon when you run the macro for the first time - you can then edit it and add the abilities you want it to use - it is unlikely there are going to be too many abilities that will be used at 110 and 10 (for the purposes of copying a newer ini).
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