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Discussion - {Info} Random Loot Server: Dynamic Loot Tiers (1 Viewer)

Jul 16, 2010
An FYI I hope you find useful, but dynamic loot tiers are a thing.

I'm sure by now you've seen the spreadsheet going around from bobbybick for rare creature loot pools on teek. This is super useful but not entirely accurate and if you don't know better you can miss out on great loot opportunities.

An easy example: On the kunark mob list, the giant patriarch is listed as level 46 in the 46-50 tier. However, this is not fully accurate. Loot tiers depend on a mobs actual level at the time of spawning and not its max level. This particular rare creature spawns between level 44 to 46.

44-46 means only 1 of its 3 possible spawn levels are in the 46-50 bracket. If it spawns as 44 or 45 it will be in the 41-45 kunark mob bracket. This bracket includes the skeletal warlord and the T-Staff. It is only 33% likely to spawn in the 46-50 bracket and 66% likely to spawn in the 41-45 bracket, yet is not listed in that tier at all, only in the tier its highest level would be.

I have confirmed this through gameplay, as i've had him drop warlord loot multiple times when spawned at 44-45. Perhaps I might make an expanded spreadsheet that includes mobs who can spawn in multiple tiers in each applicable tier if I find the motivation.
Discussion - {Info} Random Loot Server: Dynamic Loot Tiers

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