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Tech - iMac 27" 7.1 late 2009 edition (1 Viewer)

Oct 4, 2005
I'm wondering what I can do with this Mac... thinking that I might install a Linux distro on it and use it as a web browser (current 10.6.8OS is having lots of unsupported issues on some websites - Safari and Chrome are both brain-farting often... Firefox works OK).

Any other ideas for it other than a door-stop?


Jun 28, 2014
Windows 7 isn’t supported by Microsoft anymore, installing an unsupported OS is asking to get exploited.

A 12 year old computer is probably using more power than the benefit you get from keeping the hardware. 12 years is a long time in computing.

If you are interested, take it apart to see how it works. Otherwise wipe the hard drive and recycle it. A cheap intel NUC is smaller and more powerful than that computer.

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