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Discussion - I'd kill for instanced PoP raid bosses (1 Viewer)

Jul 11, 2020
Trying to fight for raid targets in PoP is no fun...Everyone trying to do Aid Grimel. Why can't they create instanced raids for these spawns. 3 day =/- 12hours for respawn is a PITA.
May 18, 2017
I'm assuming you are on live, and yes that is a hold up for a lot of people. I do wish they would put Agents of Change on live at least for the PoP era to get around people camping the raid mobs just they want to cock block people from the AP.
Jul 24, 2019
I agree too. Though some of the most memorable moments EVER from EQ have been racing other guilds to get to Raid mobs.
The guild would log in and look for stuff to do every day.

One upon a time we had the call in guild "Move to TORMAX" - so everyone raced to Kael for setup only to find another guild setting up at the other end of Kael.
And then the battle really started. Racing to mobilise and get buffs and groups, while Monks started to pull Tormax to zone while the other guild did the same.
We got him first, but we weren't ready and he slaughtered us. Did we get adds? Did the other guild Train us? Fuckers!
Then the other guild got smashed as well. Eventually we emerged victorious.

Another time our guild was in SSRA temple and we got the call that the Thought Horror Overfiend had just spawned in The Deep and another guild was mobilising to kill it.
We went down into the SSRA mines and there is a little know zone line to The Deep. So the entire raid zoned over - but there is a Door on the other side that is a one-way door. Luckily our Guild Leader was Mage who did the "Unplug the Modem and move through the world while LD exploit" that used to exist back in the early days. So we Cothed the raid through the one-way door and moved up the tunnel to Kill THO before the other guild got there.

Raiding mobs that "Popped" and on long timers created an awesome atmosphere which was really hard to beat.
Apr 3, 2019
@eqsubi15 What I did was I would log in 1 guy in each zone for a mob that I needed, and when the mob would spawn I would have everyone run over to that zone. and get it.
Also camp the key for Grummus, and dont log out.

For keeper of sorrows have 3 guys there, and everyone in a fellowship so you can get there quick.
That way if someone gets it first at least you should be able to get there in time.
Also server restart is coming on Wednesday, I believe that resets the 3 day counter on all bosses, should pop in 12 hours I believe.


Mad Scientist
Feb 9, 2017
I remember guilds had alt trackers camped at all the raid zones. The real funs the was the raid situation on a pvp server, that was always ugly.


Warriors are inferior (read: crybaby) tanks
Jul 30, 2006
I’ve been begging for AoCs on live for almost two years. I’ve been ignored by devs and mostly flamed by dickbags.

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