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Games - I made my first video game! Crappybird

I made my first video game! While this game itself didn't take very long (its pretty much a flappybird clone but different) I've been wanting to work on and make games for a long time and have found my self in the trap of starting something or prototyping something then never finishing it. This game still needs features but its core features work.

I created the sprites myself which is why they're so terribly ugly


Crappybird compiled for Android and Windows

Go up with spacebar

It needs the following still:

A way to exit the game
High score
A splash screen



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I work with android studio if you're looking to co-develop something for experience. I'd be interested in tagging along.

From the looks of it this is done using Unreal Engine, which I have no experience with. But I'd be happy to learn between classes. Currently attending for a BA-CS with a focus on game design.
From the looks of it this is done using Unreal Engine, which I have no experience with.
When I was in college I actually made Pong for android with Java, I found the experience to be terrible but that was when android was much newer and I had issues with the documentation and that the libraries didn't match between PC Java and Android Java.

Creating this with unreal was actually fun and easy (but I am so very bad at pixel art or any art) For this project I decided to just use blueprints instead of coding in c++ which is the other way to do it in unreal. If I was wanting to do games with actually writing code I'd maybe go unity instead because its c# but I really like the visual code editor (blueprints) of unreal. Blueprints are a lot like a programming UML diagram. Each blueprint individually acts a lot like a class in programming they can have functions, and variables and such. I'm still learning how to do most of the stuff though and because of that I have some "poor programming" in my game. My character controller blueprint is actually responsible for spawning the sprites of the level =/

Here's part of my character blueprint that handles the controls to show an example of blueprints. On the event begin play my ugly bat (yes thats supposed to be a bat) is launched with a certain velocity then every time you "jump" his upward velocity gets overwritten and he gains 10 more forward velocity



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"Jumping" causes an increase to X, meaning forward. Wouldn't it be Y meaning upward? I'm assuming there is some negative gravity that constantly pulls you down as would be typical of a flappy bird style game.

I get the forward launch velocity. Stage start, characters x is increase by velocity per cycle ~> direction. Pressing Space to "Jump" or more accurately, flap upwards would cause a character Y coordinate to increase by predetermined "flap gain" amount. Obstacle collision I assume is handled with-in UE so no need for any manual collision detection.

I started a bit of my own "Physics Model" in Processing on Khan Academy a while back. It's not perfect. But considering my experience was Zero when I started and I was trying to use actual physics formulas (Inelastic collision of two objects) to handle reaction, I think I did fairly well. The entire thing was based on using PVector's to manage all the methods. IE: Gravity was a vector, velocity was a vector, friction was a vector etc etc. https://www.khanacademy.org/computer-programming/pvectors/4954518516465664

I also did something where I created from scratch using nothing but rectangles and ellipses a bit of a "bubble" farm. Attempted to give it an underwater appearance and threw layers on the bubbles for a 3d appearance. It's not a game, just something shiny for me to look at. https://www.khanacademy.org/computer-programming/bubbles/4863237360517120

That was probably my two most meaningful contributions to the KhanAcademy world before I got bored of the processing language which was quite limited in their website.

I also took someone elses started project and built onto it. https://www.khanacademy.org/compute...ll-barrel-wbullet-correction/5555173486559232

There's a prime example of my crappy square ellipse style art haha.