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Discussion - I made a RedGuides meme

Aug 31, 2019
Well, I don't love the first one because poking the bear is not a great idea.

I do enjoy the second one. By itself it just seems dated, but it's a great response to post 2.


Diehard is a christmas movie
Jul 30, 2006
Oh, please.... poking the bear.... with a MEME?!?!?

We cheat the fuck out of their game day in and day out... with corresponding shit storms on the eq forums... and they turn a blind eye to all but the most egregious bullshit lol.

I think they're thick skinned enough for a fuckin meme.
May 7, 2018
is it really a meme if it's true tho. At it's base that so called 50 million dollar budget had how many bugs... i'm sorry features. Like drowning while on a boat, or falling thru the boat and hit the ground thru water for 20k? I know nothing of Mule other than whats created but how many "features" has he fixed that they failed to.

Another meme would be Sleeper expanding his wings with the caption "come at me bro!"