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Tip - How to keep a Bazaar trader 24/7 till Patch day?? (1 Viewer)

Feb 9, 2015
Yep, this is a serious issue with those who focus on bazaar and trading in Everquest. You wake up one day and you see your trader/buyer disconnected in a Sunday morning missing all the stock exchange happened last night? oh no Sir, i present to you the solution here.

Peplink Balance Routers
It's pricey! you need to look for one in eBay, picking a used one will do the trick. What you need to buy is the Models of 210 and above to fulfill this mission. The Peplink Balance router will keep you online no matter what as long you have backup internet connections, But hey? if one DSL drops and the 4G connection picks up Everquest will disconnect when IP changes...........Nope! if you're under VPN, it will just freeze for around 10 seconds then Lag Meter goes GREEN again! More on the Openvpn below.

Now, what it can serve you? This router comes with an easy control panel, easy to setup and a lot of documentation online. It can easily and smoothly switch or mix two or more internet connections, not like any other cheap soho router in the market. Yeah some other brands can do the trick but to my 10 years experience in this field this is the best brand i tested. The router will help Traders/Buyers in bazaar or even those boxing raids, you know what i'm talking about when it comes to Mass LD!!!! *Shiver!*.

More info here:


Compare All Peplink Balance Routers ranges:


Example of ebay:


Using Openvpn along with Peplink Balance Router:

You can buy cheap VPS servers (Virtual Private Server) for around $15 a year and setup your own Openvpn server. On the windows side, you can download the client from their website, its free:

http://www.Openvpn.net and go to Community area. I normally run one group with one Openvpn connection.

You need to setup Peplink Balance in the OUTBOUNDs under Network Tab so that it will switch to backup internet connection if first one goes down, The Openvpn will keep trying to re-connect, EQ will freeze and Lag Meter will goes Amber, then Red but will never disconnect.

Finally, the router will not serve your gaming hobby only, it can BOND internet connections together and gives you more bandwidth along with many many features. This is how i run EQ and thought of sharing it with this fine community. :)
Nov 7, 2005
Awesome writeup!

I've been dreaming of this kind of setup for years and always thought that EQ would disconnect when switching WANs but did not think of VPN (which preserves the IP).

How much latency(lag) do you gain when going from a regular direct connection to OpenVPN ?
I assume it would greatly depend on where you place the VPS(the server providing OpenVPN service)

PS Of course, I keep my bazaar traders offline :)
Feb 9, 2015
The latency overhead wont be more than around 10-20ms at max if you don't use any compression or heavy encryption cypher. Of course, You should pick the nearest Data Center to your home, with Openvpn overhead and the VPS together you should not get more than 50ms of latency assuming your VPS within state. You will notice *Cleaner* and more *responsive* Net Connection using a pro router like Peplink, maybe due to the enterprise level hardware.

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