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Question - How to delete my account (1 Viewer)



How do i delete my account now. or remove an ip address so they cant log into my account anymore


No He got into my redguides account and using the software, i am trying to get him off the redguides account so he cant use the software anymore


May 5, 2016
i did change the password but hes still logged in
I don't think this is the case. for either of the things you just said.

you don't appear to have ever changed your pw - but you will now be prompted to change your pw.

if you need to, please PM @Redbot and/or myself

we take account security seriously around here, which is why any time we notice anything unusual about an account, we send warnings and contact relevant parties about it.

Unfortunately, some folks account share, and need a friendly reminder to > read our Terms and rules < which prohibits multiple accounts or account sharing
Aug 12, 2018
So when someone is no longer a member or whatever happened to him, their name still shows but no descriptors under it and you can't click on it. But, you can give them redcents lol. Interesting.

You must put a mass amount of work into this entire site, so many situations come up and your right on top of them!!!
Mar 17, 2006
if you changed your password it will take up to the next patch that he couldnt use your account if i am not correct please let me know.
As far as I can tell you don't need to be logged in to actually use MQ just to use the patcher or to download things on the site. So while they would still be able to use MQ until the next patch they would not have access to any new plugins or macros you add to the patcher or to the site.

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