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Macro - How to auto set TankMerc as MT (1 Viewer)

Nov 16, 2022
MQ2AutoAccept plugin is must to load, MQ2AutoLogin plugin is nice to load

1. When group is formed, manually set roles in group window for the 1st time. (MT tag on TankMerc, other toons = MA/PU...etc)
2. After roles are set, do a EQ command /grouproles roleset save <name> to save current roleset, for example, /grouproles roleset save Toon1
3. Make a macro on Toon1

After that, whenever you login group toons, click the macro on Toon1, your group is formed and roles are set. (including MT tag on TankMerc)

References: EQ Group Roles Commands

/grouproles list -- Lists all the roles in the current group
/grouproles set Name RoleID --Sets the group member's role (RoleID: 1=MT, 2=MA, 3=PU, 4=Mark NPC, 5=ML)
/grouproles unset Name RoleID -- Unsets the group member's role (RoleID: 1=MT, 2=MA, 3=PU, 4=Mark NPC, 5=ML)
/grouproles roleset -- Lists the available role sets
/grouproles roleset save "Name" -- Saves the current group's role set
/grouproles roleset load "Name" -- Loads a previously saved group role set
/grouproles roleset delete "Name" -- Deletes a previously saved group role set

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