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IRL - How I feel playing on TLP servers (1 Viewer)


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Aug 31, 2015
I honestly start on these TLP's just for the social aspect of it. Like the whole grouping part, working together etc.
Then, it dies down as many servers do, back to live we go. Playing by ourselves while boxing multiple groups starring at the screen, you're there but not at the same time, if you know what I mean?
Apr 8, 2021
TLP can be fun ... but what boggles my mind is the fact that if a group of people (enough to raid) could police themselves and make there own progression rules they could essentially do the same thing for free on a free to play server ... but hey i guess some people have money to burn and boy do some tlp folks burn it
Oct 5, 2012
I enjoy the start of TLPs, I like grouping with strangers and shooting the shit.
It goes away pretty quickly. Everyone has a min/max mentality 24/7 on TLPs before long. Fastest way to level, fastest way to make plat, fastest way to gear up.
I went to zones I have never been to before to exp, on level, while playing Vaniki. It was a blast.

Now im playing EQ2 with some friends with that All Access sub. It's also a blast, but in a different and completely new kinda way.

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