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Question - How do you save a maco you wrote in Text format to save a executable macro? (1 Viewer)

Jun 19, 2020
Im attempting to write one and when I save it it comes up as a 'text" only, not the 'notepad' format that my Win10 is using. Ive even downloaded someone else simple little macro, deleted its contents, pasted mine in and saved, its comes back as a read only format, cant change its contents.

When trying to run my file, Couldn't open macro file: C:\users\...... same spot where everything is...

This is while MQ is up and running....

There a macro creator format program thingy...


Dec 29, 2017
You're not wrong. Besides, it's best to leave it here in case someone uses the search function and runs into this post trying to get the same question answered.
Apr 15, 2019
Not sure I follow, you just save it with a .mac file extension as far as I remember. Make sure your file extensions aren't hidden.
EQ is the only reason I have to keep file extensions visible, besides maybe photographs. The amount of times I've had to edit the extension for EQ is insane.

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