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Leveling Hit expedient recovery asap esp on vox (1 Viewer)

Jun 9, 2008
corpses everywhere better hit expedient recovery esp on vox a ton of exp to be regained i got 4 levels on one box crew i know i logged out 3 days before the patch with all corpses rezzed ....
Jul 15, 2019
Seems to be working on live servers at least. I was lucky and summoned and rezzed my corpses earlier before the patch and had more after the patch. So if you did it earlier today check again as you might have more free xp bodies.
Nov 30, 2019
they had the chance last night when they brought down the servers to fix tunare and rathe servers but they also said they were going to deal with the corpses. When I logged in and saw they didnt I knew then they were going to let it slide

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