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Question - High RAM usage on some clients (1 Viewer)

Oct 13, 2014
So I noticed today that some of my clients have 2-3 times the RAM usage of others. All of the clients have the same graphics settings and frame limiter settings. Clients that have been running for hours will have around 600mb usage while some will have 1800mb. Any ideas on what could be causing the difference?


Cookie Champion 2022
Sep 10, 2019
Is RAM usage different for each zone?
Anecdotally I believe so. Plus it seems logical that the more crowded a zone is, the more stuff has to be rendered, the more stuff has to be kept in ram. I would assume they try to account for some of this within a zone as far as reusing textures and models and whatnot, but there's nothing they can do about player behavior so I seem to notice RAM spikes in PoK and Lobby, especially around the buff pile.

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