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Question - Hiding all visible names (1 Viewer)

Dec 4, 2016
So I have captions turned off and all in game options for showing the name above a pc/npc shut off, but every time I target something it's name displays above it, how do you disable this?
With MQ unloaded and the options turned off the name does not display over a pc/npc when targeted ( what I'm looking for )

Also I seem to remember a command for hiding the name plates for screen shots / video capture but cant find it, anyone know this? I'm wanting to make some video's but dont want any names popping up


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Jun 17, 2013
Unfortunately that doesn't 100% get rid of names
/caption MQCaptions off
Turns of players even when targeted but npc's pets still show when targeted

Loading without mq nothing shows, targeted or not

Just something in mq, but no option anyone can find 😔

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