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IRL - hi guys im new to this (1 Viewer)

Sep 4, 2021
hi guys im new ot this ive been playing eq since 1999 i have been maining a sk for 20 years and been having to solo alot due to the lack of people ! i just heard about this stuff and excited to give it a try


New member
Sep 5, 2021
I remember playing the 7th hammer server with my dad back in 99' those were some good memories. I started eq again for nostalgia, and I am hooked all over again "Evercrack". I'm new to boxing and having a great time in Norrath, a guild member told me about red guides a few days ago and it blew my mind what's possible. I have to say to the everquest community thank you for keeping this game alive and amazing all these years.
Oct 26, 2020
got it running for just 3 characters hoping a sham sk and zerker plus 2 rog mercs and a cleric merc will suffice
Nice start..it'll do..for now. It will clearly dawn on you shortly as you gain confidence 6 box is an addiction...that is until you graduate up to 12-18-24 and eventually solo raiding lol
May 27, 2019
welcome, been doing this myself for like 2 weeks.
Only tip I could give is to get the "chat with this name" plugins for your class. Editing the .ini file every few levels kinda sucks....and severely limits your potential.

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