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Question - Hi folks (1 Viewer)


Active member
Jun 13, 2021
Excited to give this a try but every time i click on the link to download it gives me an error message about a subscription.. is this a thing or just a bug/me being dumb?
Aug 12, 2018
Keep in mind that if you find others posts helpful then you can give them Red Cents and it does not come off yours and you earn a couple by doing that. Others can give you Red Cents if you make useful or informative or sometimes just funny posts. This way you can keep your level 2

This might be helpful

RedGuides starter vids > HERE <

Redcents and how to earn/spend them > here <


Smeg Head
Apr 7, 2020
You have no idea how much fun your about to have. Check out all the amazing plugin's CWTN are without a doubt simply the best. In a few weeks you'll have the hotkeys finally setup and able to control your companions fluidly. Its such a great feeling having full control of your group.

Welcome to the community!

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