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Question - Hero's Journey (1 Viewer)

Dec 23, 2018
Im still new to VV and just started a group on Test. Is anything missed out on if you don't do this achievement? I am thinking of doing it just on the group leader character so I dont have to get 6 times all the quest items.
Jul 4, 2020
its pretty linear into your 70s and keeps you in The Serpents Spine expansion. After that it branches out. I did the Jonas dagmire quests and as I completed them I realized they were part of the hero’s journey line. It’s a completely different expansion. It’s a good way to 6box from tutorial to around 65 when some of the quests are ridiculously hard for that level. Most of the rewards will be non visible slots like ears/rings/etc and are equivalent to that level of defiant gear.

since I’ve done it once with a 6box crew I doubt I’ll ever do it on another crew. Some of the quests are challenging and doing them 6 times was next level insanity IMO. I’ll likely PL past it anyway any future toons I roll up.

best of luck!

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