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Problem - Having trouble with ini file...pet buffs keep cycling even during combat (1 Viewer)

Aug 6, 2020
For whatever reason having pet buffs on is really annoying me at this point. For whatever reason he keeps alternating between them when not in combat and in the middle of combat. At his point I have turned them off.

My problem is.
1. How do I get him to ignore pet buffs in the middle of combat?
2. Is there a way to create a ten minute timer for pet buffs cycle so he doesn't do it over and over again?
3. Is there a way to just put the pet buffs into the buffs section because I don't seem to have a problem with that area with the timer

File is attached if anyone can explain to me why he is memming pet buffs but not casting them in a never ending cycle.



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May 2, 2019
first initial thought without being familiar is you have a necrotic boils both as a buff and a pet buff. You may need a dual.

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