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Question - guild clickies (1 Viewer)

Jul 20, 2017
Is there a way for me to get my crew to, for instance to all click the Stratos guild portal and port out at the same time. I thought I saw a way with multi-line through a social button. I am just unable to find that thread any longer.
Jan 18, 2018
/door target and /click leftmouseup(?) or something like that is what I use to click doors to zones i.e empyr. This will also work for static ports like the stratos portal - it is a generic way to click whatever is near to you. denethor's method above will work a lot better if you have several clicky ports near one another because you will have trouble clicking the correct one.

also other methods I use to get around -
there is /relocate - I use that for my TBL lamp. /bcaa //relocate air -- takes you to stratos. I think this does a lot more now in addition to the zueria slide and tbl lamp.
/travelto poknowledge etc
If out of clickies (or everything on cool down), I'll use /alt activate for origin AA. Don't forget the theater of blood AA port can accomplish the same as well.

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