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Question - Group Zoning

Jan 25, 2020
So I'm just starting to use KA and one thing I noticed is when I zone my group doesn't zone with me. Is there a way to have them zone with me? For example, if I'm in PoK, is there a way to have them follow me and then click the book to zone?
Oct 23, 2018
Two tips
there is a zones.ini in your Release folder which contains shortnames of all zones
using EQBC and mq2nav you could use the /travelto command
/bcga //travelto chardoktwo
that would make your group run through multiple zones and zone to chardok in EoK

You could als run to the door and right-click on your groupmember and select 'click nearest door'

thats what I use most
Mar 9, 2017
mq2easyfind can also help. If you open your "find" ctrl-f window in EQ, all the options in there become clickable. So you can just click on zone entries, vendors or such and that toon will run it. If it's a zone, they will click or zone.

You can also issue text commands like /easyfind "guild lobby" or broadcast to everybody via EQBCS:

/bcaa //easyfind "guild lobby"

/Travelto is an include with easyfind and it will try to sort out a way to use multiple zones to get you to the destination.

"/nav target" is another useful one to hotkey. It's great for going to fetch a corpse, running to a bazaar vendor or moving one guy to a task giver.