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Jul 4, 2020
Zerkers are pure DPS. Similarly equipped, you should see an increase.

as for the bard vs chanter. I havent had a chanTee since my early days but everything I read says “chanters for casting DPS, bards for melee DPS” If your taking out the mage for a zerker and already have SK, I’d lean heavily toward the bard
May 31, 2018
a bard brings about a 30% increase to melee dps
having a bst and bard in grp is going in great direction they both are adps classes
replacing the mage with a zerk is a great choice given the direction of the group
unless u cant survive w out the cleric , shaman and your overall bottom line of dps will change dramatically
something to keep in mind this only starts showing when they are lvld aad and geared at least similarly to what u have
these increases dont happen when u load a lvl 1 of the respective replacement classes
May 1, 2017
ty all wife plays a rogue so i got the other 5 and mage can be replaced with zerker soon and chanter with bard wanted to make sure that will be a strong group fos good dps
Dec 17, 2016
Just keep Bard chanter one dame account. Use changer as a buff bitch and bard for the fights. Somewhat best of both worlds.
At least now it used to be. I’ve been out of touch for live for a little while.

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