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Guide - Group Makeups - Guide in making solid groups for content - WIP (1 Viewer)

Keep in mind this post will constantly be changing, improving, giving you the most updated information, I can collect and provide to you as I take input from others' suggestions as well.

Good Day Everyone! I hope all is well in your neck of the woods, or in my case, grains of sand and cacti.

Every few days these types of questions seem to pop up.

"What is a good group makeup?"
"I am 3boxing and want to add 3 more, what works best?"
"Just came back to the game, what is the super l33t special sauce to making groups that can demolish current raid content?"
"Insert question about class/group makeup here..."

Hopefully, I can provide you with at least a good starting point, and we can go from there. Off we go:

  1. Play what you are going to enjoy. For me, that means class makeups that work well together, can accomplish things. I do not like corpse recovery, rezzing, losing exp, etc. That isn't fun to me. So, I choose group makeups with synergy, variety, and goals in mind. I will say though, 6boxing Necromancers would be a lot of fun. But in the end, this is a game, and games are meant for entertainment. Play what you enjoy. Unless it is a Druid. We do not need more Druids in this game going for Kaen's army. If you really want to play a Druid, fine...just don't tell anyone.
There are 3 types of access when it comes to accounts. Free to Play (F2P), Silver, and Gold.
  • F2P means just that. Free to Play the game with limited Alternate Advancement Points (AA) at 250 total, limited gear choices (Non-Prestige) and allows you to have an OK time in previous content. You are very limited and will not find much success in current content as an F2P player. Once you spend that 250 AA, you can no longer earn any more, and can only use what you spent. You must go gold to earn more.
  • Gold is a paid account, either through a Subscription plan from a funding source like a Credit Card, etc. Or via an in-game currency called a Kronos. This currency can be bought from DBG directly but is much cheaper to buy from 3rd party websites at your own risk. Note: I am not condoning the purchase from these other sources, I am just stating they are usually cheaper. Gold accounts are not limited in any way, and you have full access to all AA, gear, etc.
  • Silver is when you let a Kronos paid subscription run out. You back to a limited status, but have access to 1000AA, instead of the 250AA cap. Once that 1000AA have already been spent, you can no longer gain any more, but you are able to use what is already spent.

Let's talk a little about MQNext as well. Short synopsis, as I will really dive into this later in the post. Since I have shown above there are a couple of ways to have accounts setup, there are also a couple of ways to run MQNext resources. Freely available resources, and Paid resources. I am not an employee of Redguides, nor do I have any affiliations with the plugin developers, but I will say this. If money is not an issue - Paid plugins are the way to go. Hands down. No questions asked. No hesitations. Unequivocally. Specifically, the CWTN resources, Tradeskills (if that is your thing), MQ2Grind (if Paid Accounts mentioned above). Personally, I run 9 accounts, all subbed via Kronos, and am licensed for a few TS resources, every CWTN resource available, and Grind. If I were to do it all again fresh? I would do the same thing.

So, in essence your choices are:
  • Free account, free resources.
  • Free account, paid resources.
  • Silver account, free resources.
  • Silver account, paid resources.
  • Gold account, free resources.
  • Gold account, paid resources.
IMHO - the last two are the way to go, to get the most out of the game. But the choice is obviously yours, and depends on what you seek, your goals, etc.

Now, with that said, let's dig a little deeper. There is a term in this game when talking about successful group makeups and it is: The Holy Trinity

What is this Holy Trinity you ask? The Holy Trinity are 3 toons, grouped together, with 3 vastly different and very specific roles. Tank, Healer, and Crowd Control (CC).

  • Tanks are the meat and potatoes of your group. Warrior, Shadowknight, and Paladin are your tank classes. Each of those have their strengths and weaknesses and each can be successful in their groups, depending on the other classes they are paired with. These are your meat shields and protect the rest of the group so they can do their jobs. Warriors are the easiest to play, Paladins are arguably the most diffuclt. Shadowknights are a nice mix in between, really fun to play, and bring a lot to the table.
  • Healers are the characters that keep your group alive. Critical to succeed in the end game. These are also considered Priest classes. Cleric, Shaman, and ... I think that's it. Oh, fine! Druids are also considered a priest class, but if you remember from above, we don't want you to play Druids. As far as strength, it is arguably widely accepted Clerics are the best healers in the game, followed closely by Shaman, and then at the very bottom of the list, you have the Druids. Keep in mind, Shaman start out a little weaker, but once they hit 100-ish they really start to shine.
  • Crowd Controllers are two basic classes right now, and both are strong. Bards and Enchanters. If you want adds locked down, Enchanter is amazing. If you also want some solid DPS and aDPS, Bard is a better choice. They both bring a lot to the table and you cannot go wrong with either, as long as you bring one of them.

Two examples of really strong Holy Trinity makeups: WAR/CLR/ENC and SHD/SHM/BRD - and are considered the most widely used setups for the Holy Trinity. However, you can swap in and out if you like. Remember, it is your choice, play what you like.

So now we have covered the Holy Trinity, we have 3 more spots in our group of 6 to fill. These are usually considered DPS, aDPS, secondary healer, synergy spots. These 3 spots can be almost virtually anything, but usually people like to fill them with classes that provide options for success in the way of heals, aDPS, auras, corpse recovery, etc etc. You have melee classes, casters, some really good choices. Some DPS choices are:

Melee - Rogues, Berserkers, Monks, Beastlords
Hybrid - Ranger
Casters - Mage, Necromancer, Wizard

Depending on your Holy Trinity choices, best group makeups can vary. I personally like to pair Bards with melee classes, and Enchanters with Caster classes. Here are some options:

SHD/SHM/BRD - BST, BER, ROG. My personal favorite! Excellent synergy, aDPS, secondary heals, corpse recovery. Arguably one of the top group makeups in the game.
WAR/CLR/ENC - BST, MAG x 2. Another favorite.
SHD/CLR/BRD/SHM/MNK/MAG. Great for leveling, exploring, pulling, good fun. This group is what I used to level and deaths were very rare, usually only to my own stupidity.

You really can swap in and out, and make things work. Experiment, have fun. Maybe the right combo that wins the game is out there, waiting to be found.

Another question that is routinely asked: I want to play my <insert class here> and have my tank do tank stuff for me. Can I?

Why yes, you can! Is it ideal? Probably not. I tried it with Monk, and it worked ok. But I found it much easier to drive, move my groups around when I made my Driver toon, my main tank. SHD/WAR. Things ran smoother, easier to control, more reactive to situations, etc. Once I switched over to Tank Driver, never looked back.

Additional Information:

Plugins/Resources I use. Many have asked me about plugins/resources, and what I use. I chose the paid route and will do it again and again. IMHO - pay to win is where it is at.

CWTN - I won't link every CWTN plugin, but I own them all. Hands down the best investment ever!!!! Buy them, use them, argue with Sic about them because he is 99.9999% right, and you will maybe, just maybe be .0001% right. Maybe, on a good day.

Grind - https://www.redguides.com/community/resources/mq2grind.1967/

Lua and Macro Resources:

Tradeskill Next - https://www.redguides.com/community/resources/tradeskill-construction-set-next.2301/

Explorer - https://www.redguides.com/community...-an-explorer-traveler-achievement-macro.1261/

Buttonmaster - https://www.redguides.com/community/resources/button-master.2174/

BoxHud - https://www.redguides.com/community/resources/boxhud.2088/

Lootly - https://www.redguides.com/community/resources/lootly.2196/

Lua Event Manager - https://www.redguides.com/community/resources/mighty-lua-event-manager.2539/

Magellan - https://www.redguides.com/community/resources/magellan-travel-utility.2422/

Don't Make Me Say It - https://www.redguides.com/community/resources/dont-make-me-say-it.2399/

Scriber - https://www.redguides.com/community/resources/scriber.2391/

Ok, that's it for now. Please revisit, add your own experience/insight. Thank you!


Well-known member
Jun 2, 2022
Very nice summary.

Just need to give the SK some love and put him the group below instead of warrior. :P

WAR/CLR/ENC - BST, MAG x 2. Another favorite.

I am biased because the current main group I am working on is SK/ENC/CLR/ MAG x 2/BST

Is there a way we can up vote this so perhaps it can get stickied in the guide sub-forum?

Be well. Happy gaming.


Active member
Apr 14, 2017
Awesome this guide is gonna be used by me tomorrow when im starting my first time :D i have finally joined the right side !!
Oct 19, 2020
Remember to pair the classes that have their class specific sync.
Monks, Bards (yes bards pair well), mages.
Not sure about what other classes gain advantages when paired but I do know the classes I listed will surprise you in dps when you have two in your group.

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