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Question - Group makeup question (1 Viewer)

Feb 8, 2023
My group currently consists of SK, Mage, Mage, Mage, Enchanter, and Cleric all lvl 120. I also have a 120 monk, berserker, and beastlord that I can swap out with the mages. My wife's group is SK, Necro, Berserker, Beastlord, Enchanter, and Cleric all lvl 120. Our group is geared in a combination of NoS group tier 1,2, and 3 armor. Some max aa's, others close. I was thinking about creating a second group that consists of SK, SK, SK, SK , Bard, Shaman. My goal is to eventually be able to tackle some of the CoV raids with a friend boxing 2 groups (Zlandicar Reborn). With my friend and I boxing two groups and my wife playing her group that would be 30 characters at lvl 120 eventually geared in NoS group 1,2,& 3 armor.

Thoughts on my proposed SK, SK, SK, SK, Bard, Shaman group? Anyone have any experience to share on boxing 2 groups in a raid?

Any advice is greatly appreciated. My wife and I started playing EQ a week after launch in 1999. We came back in November of last year and after discovering redguides we have had a blast learning and exploring all the EQ has to offer.

Many thanks,


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