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Question - Group make-up - Threat fulfilled (1 Viewer)

Oct 27, 2022
Hi all,

So, for a couple of weeks I've been threatening to make this post, so tonight, is that night. All toons are either 79 or 80. I enjoy playing them all, but would like advice on which makeup would be best in peoples opinions

Acct 1: PAL, SK
Acct 2: CLR, ROG
Acct 3: ENC
Acct 4: BST
Acct 5: BER, NEC
Acct 6: BRD, MAG
Acct 7: MAG, SHM

I have colour coded how I grouped them to get this far. All accounts are Gold (currently) and the SHM has EPIC 1.5 as of tonight.

I'm also not adverse to making other characters to fill it out better if needed. I understand there isnt really a wrong answer, just would like a little guidance so to speak :)

As always, thanks for your patience, understanding and knowledge :)
Aug 27, 2020
At your current level: SK, CLR, BST, BER, BRD, SHM

Around 105 go with: SK, ROG, BST, BER, BRD, SHM

Your shaman will struggle as a solo healer until 100+. So level up the cleric and shaman together, then drop the cleric once the shaman can handle things on his own.

It's always nice to have a high level cleric around for tough missions anyway, so no harm in leveling him up with the group.
Oct 31, 2019
agree with naamloseeen
Primary team:
For open world/crowded places/change in playstyle you might want to consider to grow also a caster group:
This as well gives a moitive to grow up CLR plus ENC

There might be missions / events where bards cc might be insufficient and you will be happy, to swap to a max lvl/gear/aa Enc.
There might be missions / events where cc might be insufficient and you will be happy to team two priests, to get this event done.

I grow myself a mainteam with: SK,SHM,BRD,MAG,MAG,MAG
and have substitudes on half of the accounts: RNG,BRD,CLR,MAG,MAG,NEC whereas on the BRD's accout I have as well full geard an ENC and a BST.
So where needed I am able to either have: more real pets/Enc as best cc/2 priests/pure ranged team ... for every situation to come. For longer sessions I can as well buff my mainteam with ENC and BST stuff
Depend on the mood of the day, i.e. if I plan to do nothing special but maybe farm TS-stuff, I mix my team together between these chars for a change
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