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Question - Group Comp 110

Jul 21, 2019
Hey all! I'm currently running a group composition of Nec/Rng/Mag with a tank merc dps merc and healer merc.
All comments aside about why 3 vs 6 comps... My question is, thoughts on dropping the Mage for a Shaman and using 2 dps caster mercs.
I've had thoughts on Shamans lately, Alchemy is appealing as well as being a healer/buffer.
Mar 9, 2017
Mercs: So take this all with a grain of salt, as I rarely run mercs at 110. Just my experience using them leveling up to 105.

Tank merc is amazing at low levels but becomes useless at higher levels, mobs will almost one shot him even with a real healer in group. I think this was somewhere around 90-95 that I saw i was going to need to PL a tank class.

The mage pet can definitely take over as main tank. Main issue with pet tanks is they lack any AE aggro abilities or ability to pre-taunt/aggro mezzed mobs. If you go this route, you'd want to add a mezz class unless you're sticking to undead camps where the necro is mezzing. Necro pet might be able to sub in as tank, though I haven't run a necro in a group since lvl 85.

Shaman: Pairs really well with Necro if you're running a 3 man group. The 3-man setup is going to be slower kills so DoTs from both necro and shaman start to be worth casting. Shaman will do fine healing all the way to 110. Sham and Necro (+mage modrods) are also classes with very little downtime as they can trade health for mana.

Another nice thing about Shaman and pet groups, the Shaman has multiple stacking HoTs. So you can turn taunt on for all pets and let them bounce the aggro around. Then the HoTs patch them all up while the other pets randomly grab aggro.

Upgrading to 6 man: If you decide to do this in the future, Necro is commonly the class you'd drop. At 6-man group DPS 105-110, mobs aren't lasting long enough to be worth DoT'n at all.
Jul 21, 2019
Thanks EqTrader74!
My main is my necro. I really like them and have played this guy since 2000, so I'm kind of attached. If I do drop him it would be just to help gear up the other accounts quicker then focus back to the necro.
I'm grinding AAs right now in FM with a tank merc, maxed merc AAs of course, and doing alright. But I agree, the Tank merc is a bit of a downer.

I'm probably going to end up dropping the ranger as suggested, and using mercs. Depending on how that goes, I may get antsy and drop the tank merc and use Pet Taunt(necro has maxed pet AAs, Mage is almost there).

Just gotta PL the Shaman and try things out =)

Thanks guys!
Oct 4, 2019
My opinion if you were moving to a 6-box from your proposed Nec/Shm/Mag 3-box:

Nec/Shm/Mag <-- keep em. Assume you have DPS, Heals, DPS. That means you've room for a Tank, Assist, and another DPS. While you may notice the Necro losing DPS effectiveness, if you're still having fun playing them, and have an attachment to them no point in trading them out. For DPS you could add that old ranger back in after a bit of leveling. Tank you could choose between SK/Pal/War depending on preference. If you like CWTN's plugins, he'll have one for SK's and War's complete here soon. Then for Assist, usually the suggestion around these parts is Enchanter for caster DPS heavy groups and Bards for Melee DPS heavy groups.