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Toast - Ground Spawns .. art of getting loots without killing first... (1 Viewer)

Jun 7, 2020
I've been a little bit quiet, and yet I have also been dabbling with a few things.

In this case, ground spawns, or more specifically, MQ2GroundSpawns.

The word, awesome, just isn't good enough to explain the fun and laughs with this.

This is so very simple to use, and the ideal would be a rogue level 63+, to have access to the SoS AA.
That is not saying this is a rogue tool. It just avoids the aggro entanglements, the trains etc. Maybe other classes invis spells / abilities will suffice for your needs, but you get the idea.

Ready to see how simple this is?
/plugin mq2groundspawns load
/ground add NameOfGroundSpawnItemContainer
/ground active on

/ground active off

Whats this 'NameOfGroundSpawnItemContainer' about?

Well, SoE-DBG don't like making things obvious all the time. Outside of MQ, you may click on a ground object and get something on your cursor. That will be the item you're after to fill your bags with. But, the name as found on the maps is best thought of as a "container" and not the "item" inside it.

The MQ2 map is helpful here. If you're in the zone, and zoom in a little between the roaming mobs you will see the ground objects.
To me, they look somewhere between pink-purple, so should easily stand out different that the mobs. Look careful, as some of then are prefix - *

As soon as you turn "active on", the plugin reviews the list of containers you have added and searches the zone spawns for them. It will then set of navigating to the nearest, and continue doing this until there are none left. It will then wait, until respawn and set off on travels again!

if you have already done the setup, finished a session before and are logging back in again, the plugin is likely already loaded for you. Same said for the container information as that persists in the plugin ini file. In this case, all you require to do is /ground active on, and you are back in business!

It is worth noting, that when you zone it is switched off. A sensible precaution.

There is a little video been made and worth your time to have a watch.

Regards and Best Wishes


Apr 9, 2008
some fun facts:

They're called EQGroundItem or just "ground item" and the "name" of it is actually the actordef a.k.a model.
clicking on one deletes the EQGroundItem and the server will add an item to your inventory.
probably should stick with one of the existing terms instead of creating a new one imo.

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