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Getting to the fencer at the black market. (1 Viewer)


Dec 27, 2004
Getting to the fencer at the black market - Both Cities.

In Qeynos Harbor:

The fencer is located below the gigantic creepily animated, talking statue of Antonia Bayle; which rests near the docks. How to get there?

Arriving from the mariner's bell, head into the city gates, just inside, take a left, and go past the little merchant tents, you will see the moats/aquaducts that run along the inside of the citie's walls. Jump in and swim below the streets and the gate, towards the Antonia Bayle statue located on the streets above. There will be a hole in the little wall below, directle across from the wall upon which the statue rests. Swim through the hole in the wall.

The tunnel deposits you into a room filled with Mariners, and the Freeport fence. I notice that some stuff which sells for a couple of GP at the Qeynos broker, will sell for cheaper, even with the broker markup.


Arrive by mariners bell to East Freeport. You are on a pier... turn around to face the oppposite direction (180 degree turn to face away from the city) and jump in the water. In front of you and a little bit to the right you will see a building. Swim to it, and go around the back and you'll see the fence there.
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