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Request - Getting started (1 Viewer)

Jun 29, 2019
I just subbed for level 2 I've used a much much older version of macroquest2 a little in the past with some very basic sticks, basic click button small things like that. I'm looking to jump off the diving board here and get really into it. Can someone here point me in a direction for some setups and guides for setting everything up. I managed to get the launcher installed and installed mq2 updated nav mesh (whatever that's for). Starting to work on autologin.

I Appreciate any info you can pass my way. I'm planning to three box on FV. I am also in the discord group same name as here.
Apr 1, 2020
I would suggest that you look at Sic's videos. He has made a group of 5 to get the folks started with MQ2 and KissAssist. I watched them a couple of time before I stated setting things up. Also check out some of the guides for beginners from the Resources area. Then if you get stuck or something is set up wrong just ask here and folks are great at helping and working things out.
May 20, 2020
I was in the same boat. I used the redguides YouTube videos to start. I use kissassist for my macros and I use the ini library for ideas. I'd advise just spending time learning that and how /bca /bcaa /bcg works. As you learn how the ini work you can get into the plugings that are great. That is at least my approach.

After you buy the plugin, does it expire?
Depends some are good for a year. They will say

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