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Discussion - Getting set back up (1 Viewer)

Jul 20, 2017
Just coming back to the game after not playing for about a year, and coming back to Live which I haven't played in a few years. Trying to get all of my UIs and stuff set up as we speak. I've got quite a few 100+ toons that I could start with, but I think I'm only wanting to start with 6 and possibly add in more later. Looking for some help to possibly build the best 6 man setup with what I have.

Zerker x2


May 5, 2016
sk, shm, bard, zerk, rog, bst (if you don't mind extra work into the shaman, rez stick etc)
sk, clr, bard, zerk, rog, bst (if you want to be "safe")
sk, shm, bard, rog, bst, rng (if you want some flexibility with having a ranged toon)
sk, shm, bard, zerk, zerk, bst (still very good even with zerks not being as OP as they were before --- i still run this as my main team and destroy everything)


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Apr 28, 2015
Welcome back!
"best" is such a broken concept... Play what you enjoy! I mean you have some givens here with what you have avl.


Now to choose healer..
Clr or Shm.

In my experience prior to 110/115 its rough going with just a shm healer but others have had success

Now DPS~ If you go with shm healer bst might be a bit redundant but are very bad ass.. Rogs are super strong now days..

If it were me I would add another tank and bard and make 2 groups!
Nov 8, 2017
If you like pet classes try this one:

PAL/DRU/MAG/NEC/BST/ENC (This was my main group for a while)

I have also subed in a SHM instead of a druid if healing gets hard. It also give another pet to use lol.
Oct 12, 2015
Happy Pop Tv GIF by One Day At A Time

I had taken a long break, came back and EQ alone had a lot of changes, the walk throughs are nice, not everything is answered, but it's enough to be dangerous LOL... that said, I definitely found that learning and refining the INI taught me the most; experiment here, ask a question here, apply it there, seemed to teach me the most about it... I really enjoyed the older INI websites that walked me through (though I believe some are out of date or whatnot... they still were a really great place to learn a basic knowledge)


Still one of my favorites for learning and quick reference, if there's better, I am unaware... another one I liked for / macro commands was


Just a couple nuggets that help me sort it out... and then again, asking questions of the community here @ RG has been HUGE!

Good Luck and Welcome Back!

I really like SK , sham , bard , BL , zerk , rog OR SK , cler , bard , BL , zerk , rog

Just my two red:rcents.

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Oct 31, 2019
If you have no specific preferences I would suggest sk, shm, bard, zerk, rog, bst.
But if you use the tools at hand, any combination of Tank, Priest, CC, dps, dps, dps will be good to enjoy all content available.
Jul 20, 2017
Thanks for the advice everyone! I still haven't chose exactly what 6 man setup I'm going with, I've kinda just been playing with all of them. Leaning towards SK, Sham, Bard, Rogue, Zerk, Zerk
Dec 21, 2020
try out different combinations. there is alot of synergy between some classes with things like their auras and their special abilities. the sk/sham/bard/bl/zerk/rogue looks tough as nails and alot of fun and synergy there. u have a good off tank type pet with bst pet. great dps and buffs, tons of tanking with an sk/sham combo there. Bard for cc and dps output for group... so much fun. i actually ran that exact combo for a bit at one point. cleric is a nice safe heal type but imo u just dont need a cleric with an sk, shaman has tons of utility on top of healing and SK is like holding a royal flush off the flop.

anyway best of luck and wb

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