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Question - General questions (1 Viewer)

Oct 27, 2022

So, I am essentially a plug and play kind of guy currently, So I have RGMercs for my bard, and the rest are CWTN plugins for my toons (level 85). I use boxhud, magellan, hunterhud, CBB, & overseer LUA currently.

1. I haven't looked at loot etc as it looked over complicated for me (I couldn't get anything changed in boxhud so its default), is there something that I can use that would give the correct quest items to a character, then move to the next character etc so I dont have to manually keep track?

2. Is there anything I'm missing that I could use to make my like simpler so I can concentrate on playing :)

3. Im locked into AA currently as Im just going through the Seeds of Destruction and don't want to out level it completely too soon. I saw somewhere about something to autospend AA once I hit a certain level but cant seem to find it now, my question is 2 fold really, can someone point me back to it, and does this impact on what is auto granted, I dont want to lose the free AA so to speak)

Thanks, and sorry for the rubbish questions.


Its in that place where I put that thing that time
Jun 20, 2017
so loot plugins use an ini for loot lists .. for autoloot i think the default on quest items is 4 or 5

5. Quest
  • An example entry: Quest|#n
  • Everyone will try to loot up to #n of that item.
  • To set an item to quest. Put it on cursor and type : /SetItem Quest #n -> when someone gets #n of that item they will stop trying to loot them.

so when your doing a task put item on cursor then look at quest to see how many ya need
once set you willll only loot that many , then pass out to other toons until they reach that limit

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