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Discussion - Gems of knowledge for returning players. (1 Viewer)

Aug 29, 2021
Don't know about you, but I found myself either burning out on certain games (EVE Online for me) or I just could not find a substitute for those wonderful EQ memories (Lower Guk, Karnor's zone-trains, etc.)

I see a few returning players are considering multi-boxing as a LFG substitute, and having done it myself in the past with MQ2 (before I ever knew about Red Guides!), there are a few Gems I would pass on to smooth the ride and add to your enjoyment;
  1. Start with the characters that make you smile; choose race, class and group mix to suite your style and just feel happy to log your team in - it's important as your going to have a journey of steps, unless you just throw $ at EQ and skip ....your call
  2. Don't over commit at the start. Free to Play (FTP) is a fantastic gift from Day Break. Dip your toes, setup 1, 2..6 accounts. start small and build as your enjoyment and understanding grows (EQ and MQ2)S,
  3. If your wanting a group of toons; think Tank, Heal, then consider DPS, Utility and Fun - try classes your unfamiliar with, add in the unexpected, team of Gnomes/Ogres ....
  4. Understand that MQ2 is a framework; Very Vanilla is a fantastic platform and bases for getting started (watch the videos.) Based on that you have Macros and Plugins....start small and use the standard ones (macros like KickAssist and RGMercs are great for starters.) Plugins are like functionality packs that Macros can call upon to do things (run your character if the Macro does not, navigate, do combat, loot/not loot, etc)
    • Login 6 accounts using the MQ2 application, under profiles, set up your team and one click (I also launch EQBCS) and if you also use MQ2autogroup (part of VV) and when I come back the Group is formed and roles assigned.
    • I personally Watch the following Macros; POKTutorial.mac and Turorial.mac, to set up new characters. They are great for claiming the start up free stuff and running through Gloomingdeep (be patient and "help" the pathing a little;)
    • Watch the mac PoKScrib is a BLESSING! When you add a few levels, just a quick update on a hotkey for new toon level and send them off to buy and scribe spells and abilities...saves hours!
    • Because I'm starting with a totally new team from level 1, with no outside powerlevel character (this time), I decided to use RGMercs to automate my team. TBH I love it at the moment. It understands my characters level, understands what spells and abilities it needs and (so long as you bought them, see above) will set up an INI file and run your toon like a Merc (that means its not going to be the absolute best, but the class basics and well run and that toon plays it's role in your group.) Right now I'm levelling fast (currently just got into the 50s), so RGMercs does the job for me, without me having to understand a lot about INI files (they are auto generated and my knowledge has slowly developed so that after a few weeks I'm able to dabble and adjust to certain situations.
    • The last major plugin I use (again in VV) is MQ2autoloot, just to Ignore trash drops so I can keep the team levelling and not have to vendor, or spend ages destroying trash drops.
  5. Try things, break things, ask for help, give help...this is a community, don't biatch when things don't go as expected! Play around, think, ask in a constructive manner and be patient - remember other people are playing, enjoying and helping others may just have to be during a break in their life:)
  6. Challenge yourself and your bot-team. Break your journey up into bite-sized challenges and not just a grind to 110/115! You'll tire quickly and miss the point. Enjoy the journey. Try going deep into dungeons you once considered too hard. Try breaking that pack of yellow mobs and split the room. Fcuk it up and laugh! EQ no longer has those horrendous corpse-runs LOL!
  7. You don't need to throw $ at this, EQ or MQ2. Play FTP accounts and get the basic MQ2 package from Red Guides. It will get you started and once your having fun, then think about going Gold, getting a boosted character (to 85) to PL your group, or subbing for the more elegant and high-end Plugins.
  8. The Red Guides team have put a lot of effort into making MQ2 accessible as far as I can see (I'm an old lifetime member of the older community) and it has certainly paid off for me. Thank you.
Inspired by my corpse run last night, asking in Guild Lobby for Perma Lev and Invis so I could get back and recover my wiped team in Nadox! The donator of those spells then kindly took the time to suggest a few things I could do to catch up with developments in EQ. o7 I salute those who share and care - we are all in this for fun and friendship. I'm in my late 50s now and after playing EQ and other mmrpgs for over 30 years, the game is more about people than pixels and min/maxing (that's from a old tart who just loves to powerplay. In the end that set of armour never lasts, but the friendship you build and shared memories do.)

What little gems of advice would you pass on?
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