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Question - Gearing a Naked Group on TLP? Lvl 1 - ? (1 Viewer)

Sep 29, 2016
Hi Guys,

I just started on boxing server with a fresh squad. Haven't touched the game since 2018 and I was playing on test at that point. Server is in Luclin era atm.. can any of you vets please tell me where I should be hunting to gear up my group on low-mid levels. Played over many many years and I recall Low-guk/old sebilis/umbral planes being spots but pretty sure thats all 40-50+ stuff. Been too spoiled by defiant gear for the last decade or so. Thanks in advance.
Mar 18, 2015
Everything is so overfarmed that you can get pretty decent gear (compared to being naked at least) for really cheap on the AH. Krono are selling for 80k+ so you could buy one and really gear your guys out.
Jun 7, 2020
There are a couple of thoughts in mind.

I don't know when exactly these were added to the game. Newbie Armor Quests
( I think its 2002, not in Velious, may be Luclin, but was active in PoP era )

The page will list a set of quests that are available for each race and class combination.

Relative easy to get pieces for quest turn ins, from newbie zones. Granted some mobs can be tough, versus solo, but a group? or assisted by a higher level for a little time.
When I played live, "back in the day" I geared up with those.

Tradeskill stuff.

If you're in Luclin, then it has Velious, which means there is the Coldain. The Coldain Insignia Ring, and the Coldain Prayer Shawl.
Granted they can take some time to progress through, and does use tradeskills.
(some love them, some hate them).

Having something in slot on tank, healer, is of benefit, than nothing.

If also think of it as a foundation. When PoP is available for progression, that will give access to the earring quest Aid Grimel.

There is also the cultural armors. No, not so thinking of the 'original' content, but more the revamped that became available in DoN era.
RedMonkey earlier made reference to the Earring of Solstice. That comes from tradeskills, which as is said can be traded components player to player. Both it, and the Aid Grimel are involved in the much later quest, The Artisan's Prize.


If there is some forethought in the characters creation, with a group in mind it can work together.
I refer to the racial, faction ( good / neutral / evil ), how dps of caster / melee is made up etc.

As they will be foundation to the earlier comments of #1 and #2, when working together to achieve goals.

It's like having a book of the future, in which you know the sporting results.
You may be stood in Luclin now, but further expansions will unlock and present opportunities, that if plan for now, and make most of now will have a benefit later.

Regards and Best Wishes
Mar 27, 2018
Buy 1-2 Krono, find someone who makes Fierce Heraldic or Crimson Darkscale, gear tank, the rest can be naked and you can coast to 65 (because PoP comes out in a little over a week).

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