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Question - FTP tank experiment (1 Viewer)

Feb 27, 2022
One of the things I find fun and challenging is to see how proficiently I can get FTP characters functioning with the tools here on RG.
So, my current experiment is with a FTP sk which I plan to attempt to tank for a caster oriented group.
The line up will be SK, Cleric, Enchanter, Mage, Beastlord with a Druid, Necro or another Mage in the last spot.
So some strong pets there that might keep things afloat if the tank gets spiked.
Best armor for a FTP now that I know of is the NOS T1. Best augs are TBM which i will camp for - have 30ac heroic augs or better in all slots already.
If this were a Prestige enabled tank, I would stack Hdex without doubt, but as FTP, would it be better to stack Hagi or stick with Hdex?
Jul 27, 2019
I would still stick with Hdex on the SK. For the last spot, I'd go bard or necro. Heavily leaning to a bard as the adps it provides to casters, pets, and the swarm pets, in particular, can make a huge difference. I have run plenty of groups with an enc and bard and they do great together.

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