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Question - From Tarew Marr (1 Viewer)


New member
May 22, 2022
I am 100% new here and new to all of this.

I am looking to play on Yelinak server and have not played Everquest at all since early kunark tarew marr days aside from a few days on drinal live server this past week.

I am not familiar with any of the stuff on this site but it is interesting.

I would like to find a way to scroll out from my toon much further and maybe also a dps meter just for fun.

I also wouldn't be opposed to a cleric bot on a new second account and second computer if I didn't need a computer science degree or multiple hours of effort just to get it running properly.

I read somewhere there is a "works out of the box" bot program but I couldn't find a cost on it or even where it is located exactly :-(.

How complicated / frustrating would it be and how much would it cost to do all of this?

What are the chances of something like this getting detected and getting my very old account banned with just scrolling out further and a dps meter and nothing more?

What would be the chances of the new second account on a second computer getting detected? I would have both computer and computer monitors / keyboards side by side.

Thank you

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