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Freeport Guide for Evil (or just horribly misunderstood) levels 1-20 (1 Viewer)


Dec 27, 2004
Freeport Guide for Evil (or just horribly misunderstood) levels 1-20

Do your citizenship and newbie town quests. Explore; gain some free exp by hitting all of the points of interest.

10-15 Commonlands
Hyenas, undead, elephants. There is plenty to solo, but the elephants are definitely a group mob. There are 2 cemeteries. Of course, as you go out the Sprawl gate, there is Turmoil cemetery, and then there is Enlightenment Cemetery, which is pretty much in the center of the zone.

Head over towards Nektulos forest. Peg off some orc runners, and maybe even try your hand at the Bull elephants because they are rockin' exp.

Named MOBs of Commonlands:

Vork Bloodfist: Near orc camp, in valley. Group mob. Level 19, with about 5 other mobs with him.

Skullhammer: In the center of Vulrich camp. 20+ and a tough guy. Group mob, with double arrows up.

Dervish Captain: Level 20+ w/ group of 17-19.

Terrathud: 21-25. - Labled as a group mob, but soloable. Nice loot. Drops steel brigandine helm, temp palladium ring (from lower level spawn) and per palladium ring (higher level spawn).

Gustfeather: Random spawn Griffon - level 25 + and nice loot - drops earring of shadow.

Stonetusk: West of the druid ring.

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