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Fabulous - Free Pet Illusion/Familiar (1 Viewer)


Freshly Squeezed
Sep 27, 2013
I realized I would have to buy them manually on all my toons, which was unacceptable.

The below mac will buy all 9 of the bunnies for you. It has some safeguards, but it's also interacting with the DB store, so use at your own risk. I've purchased a few dozen at this point without issue. Enjoy!

Sub Main
    /declare bunnyCount int outer 0
    /declare bunnyArray[9,2] string outer
    /declare i int local

    /echo Purchasing all of the Erollisi's Pride Pet Illusions
    /echo \agP \ayR \amI \apD \arE   \agP \ayR \amI \apD \arE   \agP \ayR \amI \apD \arE   \agP \ayR \amI \apD \arE

    |Fill the bunny array
    /call fillBunnyArray

    |Open the DB Store window
    /if (!${Window[MarketplaceWnd]}) /notify EQMainWnd EQM_SCButton leftmouseup
    /delay 10m ${Window[MarketplaceWnd]}

    |Click on Trinkets
    /while (${Window[MarketplaceWnd].Child[MKPW_CategoriesTree].GetCurSel} != 16) {
        /notify MarketplaceWnd MKPW_CategoriesTree listselect ${Window[MarketplaceWnd].Child[MKPW_CategoriesTree].List[Trinket]}
        /delay 10m ${Window[MarketplaceWnd].Child[MKPW_CategoriesTree].GetCurSel} == 16

    |Buy the bunbuns
    /for i 1 to 9
        /echo call with i ${i}
        /call selectBunBun ${i}
        /delay 5
        /call buyBunBun
        /echo I've purchased ${bunnyCount} bunbuns!
    /next i
    /echo \agP \ayR \amI \apD \arE  \agP \ayR \amI \apD \arE   \agP \ayR \amI \apD \arE   \agP \ayR \amI \apD \arE   \agP \ayR \amI \apD \arE

Sub selectBunBun(num)
    /while (${Window[MarketplaceWnd].Child[MKPW_ItemList].GetCurSel} != ${Window[MarketplaceWnd].Child[MKPW_ItemList].List[${bunnyArray[${num},2]},3]}) {
        /notify MarketplaceWnd MKPW_ItemList listselect ${Window[MarketplaceWnd].Child[MKPW_ItemList].List[${bunnyArray[${num},2]},3]}
        /delay 5

Sub buyBunBun()
    /if (${Window[MarketplaceWnd].Child[MKPW_BuyTotal].Text.NotEqual[0]}) {
        /echo Well shit! The cost isn't 0. Something must have gone wrong. Not gonna buy ${Window[MarketplaceWnd].Child[MKPW_DetailsName].Text}
    /notify MarketplaceWnd MKPW_BuyBtn leftmouseup ${Window[MarketplaceWnd].Child[MKPW_BuyBtn]}
    /delay 10m ${Window[MarketplaceWnd].Child[MKPW_ConfirmPage]}
    /notify MarketplaceWnd MKPW_ConfirmPurchase_ConfirmBtn leftmouseup
    /varcalc bunnyCount ${bunnyCount}+1
    /delay 10m ${Window[ConfirmationDialogBox].Child[CD_TextOutput].Text.Find[You have successfully purchased]} && ${Window[ConfirmationDialogBox]}
    /notify ConfirmationDialogBox CD_OK_Button leftmouseup
    /delay 10m !${Window[ConfirmationDialogBox]}
Sub fillBunnyArray
    /varset bunnyArray[1,2] Boundless
    /varset bunnyArray[2,2] Trueheart
    /varset bunnyArray[3,2] Proudheart
    /varset bunnyArray[4,2] Openheart
    /varset bunnyArray[5,2] Aceheart
    /varset bunnyArray[6,2] Freeheart
    /varset bunnyArray[7,2] Boldheart
    /varset bunnyArray[8,2] Flawless
    /varset bunnyArray[9,2] Sisterheart



Freshly Squeezed
Sep 27, 2013
If you downloaded it in the last 4 minutes, please download again. There's an issue if you don't have the Trinkets category expanded first (Fixed now).

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