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Problem - Follow me? (1 Viewer)

Jan 26, 2020
Can someone tell me why my Follow Me button gets bugged all the time? When I press it all my toons will follow me but a lot of the times when I press it again so they stop they all get bugged and will not unfollow till I camp them out...
Am I doing something wrong? Please help thanks
Aug 19, 2020
not a program person.. /followme is a hard command.. they follow you, no care given. I asked what you wanted to do, because chase and come to me is better.. /afollow will alot of times stick.. it does what you asked it, no shit given =-(

all the tools support chase mode.. quick and clean,, come to me is another clean supported command,.. the follow (/afollow), at least on live is super devalued imo


May 5, 2016
I've not seen "afollow just get stuck"

but i would make sure that you're not having issues with whatever you're using for broadcasting - eqbc or dannet

if your toons aren't getting commands, then they won't do the things you're telling them to.

to piggyback on durango. most tools have a "chase" style functionality which is going to be much better than follow me in almost all scenarios.

look at my "how i move my toons" video in my signature
Oct 31, 2019
You may want do try the lua „Chase me“. For me it works great and I use it exclusively to control my teams movement. Special in narrow dungeons it is much better, as it controls also the z-level and I dont‘t remember that a char got stuck behind a rock or any other kind of obstacles.

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